One Cent Left: Unwritten Music
Lie to Me [WIP]

This is all about the white lies we tell to maintain “healthy” relationships. For most, there is a level of dishonesty that seems necessary to keep a couple together, admit the truth and risk the nookie!

Originally composed 01/10/2017 in the key of A minor (same notes as C Major). To match the chords chosen this was reworked and rerecorded 04/19/2017 in the key of D minor, swapping B for B♭. As a result of the patchwork process of making this mixdown, the solo after the frequency swell is still in A minor.

Oh, also, the snare and kick were accidentally swapped out in this mix as recording and rerecording fingered drum sessions can be a bit mind numbing.

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Lie to Me [WIP]
As of January 1st, 2018.

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