One Cent Left: Limited Release
All Songs by Exit from 1985 - 2019

In further preparation for rerecording all the 99¢ Special albums, side projects Ephemeral, Nature's' Descending, LMC, and Disinvention, as well as the One Cent Left albums, I've assembled and organized a playlist of every recorded track that is currently available using the most recent mix (I have several mixes of many songs spanning decades). I then decided to make 7 to 12 second clips from each song and put them all together in a mega-mix.

A special treat that I found on the original 99¢ Special 4-track master tapes was a segment in which I attempted to clip together all the songs that I had at that time, which was presented as four 99¢ Special songs. I used that audio clip from approximately 1992 at the start of this track.

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All Songs by Exit from 1985 - 2019
As of June 18th, 2019.